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 Make amazing, healthy & tasty desserts with my plant-based cookbook!  

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For the Love of Food


I grew up eating government cheese and hamburger helper...


However, my love for food and cooking started at an early age. I was always watching my Grandmother in the kitchen. At about 8 I really wanted to start learning more by doing more. My stepmother always had us kids helping with dinner. Her southern cooking was amazing. She also made great spaghetti and pecan pies. I got into making lots of foods dinners and desserts. My sister was always there to test it out. Even if it was a total flop, she would say, "Dang this is good!".


Over the years I put the pounds on and used food as an emotional crutch. The food I was making was delicious but packed with refined ingredients. They just were not very healthy and I knew I needed to make a change. 


On my journey to better health, I knew there had to be a way of eating and cooking that was healthy and delicious. I found it also with a newfound love of overall holistic health habits, including mindfulness, minimalist lifestyle design, daily exercise and amazing food that fuels my body.


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