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  • Custom made program suited to your individual needs and lifestyle

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Amanda regularly contributed helpful suggestions and creative ideas for our group training sessions.  And she was a supportive and inspiring presence for the two of us and the other coach on our team. She possesses an unusual mix of leadership skills, original thinking, and deep compassion.

-Jennifer Cornbleet & Mark Futterman

Amanda employs an interesting and helpful strategy: she says 'the plan is not the experience', meaning, we will have a better idea of the success of our offering once it is put into action.  I always had confidence that Amanda was listening, intuiting, and responding to key elements for our coaching calls, and this helped me to keep moving forward. She is perceptive and direct, kind, encouraging, and can apply laser coaching to your need to identify and take your next steps in your life endeavors!

-Susan McLean

My experience in the Tasty Life Teacher training 2019, was absolutely amazing. It really brought me all the confidence that I needed to clarify and continue with my mission. But all of this wouldn´t have been possible without the coaches of the program. Here is where I met Amanda, she was always supportive, and present during the whole training. She helped me to keep on track when I need it. She is very human and comprehensive. I was very lucky to count on her during the program.


-Bertha de la Peña

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