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Stadium Concrete Seats

About Amanda

My Story

I grew up listening to metal, eating government cheese, and hamburger helper..Out of adversity and poverty, ingenuity was born.

Originally from a small town in Southern Oregon, Amanda Marie is an artist and musician with a lifelong passion for the arts. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Costume and Make-up Design, she moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue music and art. She has performed with acts such as Sounds of Asteroth, The Militants, and the A cappella choir Petra Haden and The Sellouts.

Amanda has various skills and clients, from working with authors to crafting custom book covers and designing clothing in national and international retail stores. Amanda is always involved in a creative endeavor, whether tailoring a piece to satisfy a client’s need or pursuing her projects and goals. She loves attending local music events and participating in gallery shows. She resides in the Los Angeles area, where she continues to create art and write music.

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